Local Listing Services


Take ownership of your online identity and claim listings on top sites with our local listing services.

Take your online identity to the next level. With our, receive all the benefits of LC Media’s local listing service, plus owner verified listings on Google+ Local, Yahoo, Bing, YP.com, Superpages, and Yelp, and profiles on Facebook and Twitter. We use patent pending technology to establish verified profiles on these key sites. We hand you the passwords so that you can manage your profiles and make direct contact with customers. You get the peace of mind that comes with verified listings that you control.

Here is what our service offers you:
• Password-protected ownership of profiles on sites like Google+ and Bing
• Verified presence on popular directories like YP.com and Superpages
• Profiles on key social sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter
• All the benefits of Essential, including broad syndication, a mobile-friendly webcard, and reports showing the visibility of my business listings