Front Page Google Listing


Front Page Google Listing
Most site owners fight to get visitors to their websites. Unless you are really fortunate or have invested money and a lot of time in search engine optimization then getting a front page ranking on Google for a highly searched keyword. At LC Media we do all things possible to get your listing on the front page of Google.
You might be asking yourself, why do I need to do to secure a front page listing? In short…to drive lots of traffic to your web site!
Below is a detail description of what we do at LC Media to help you achieve this goal.
Step 1: Keyword Research: Well, the initial we do is some keyword research. This truly is the bedrock of any successful SEO effort and desires attention and time. Keyword research involves determining which key words you’re likely to try and rank for them. This really involves 2 steps – assessing the standard and strength of the rivalry, and actually selecting a relevant keyword for your service or product.
For instance, there is no point trying to rank number 1 for ‘credit cards’ unless you are someone like Citibank or MBNA set a little lower. The most effective sort of keywords to try and rank for are the so called ‘long tail’ keywords.
These are longer compound phrases that get search volumes that are lower but have less rivalry. Instead of ‘credit card’ you may try and rank for ‘lowest credit card interest rate’, that type of thing. The thing to notice is that the accumulative effect of successfully for several log tail key words that are ranking may be better in the long run (and easier to attain) than ranking for one very competitive one.
Step 2: Optimize Your Website. Next up, you should ensure that your site is ‘SEOd Up’. In other words you need to make sure that content and the arrangement of the sites are optimized for the keyword or keywords you are targeting. There are lots of techniques required in this such as using meta tags, using the key words in the name and ensuring that any content on your page is keyword concentrated.

Step 3: Link building. Now that you have your keywords, your pages are wholly optimized and you are prepared to roll, you await the traffic and cant just relax. Regrettably, only doing so called ‘onsite SEO’ is not enough to ensure great positions. You have to produce your site appear applicable and popular to the search engines. No one knows for sure the way the search engine algorithms work, and there is little doubt they do change from time to time, however you will find tendencies and traits that have been identified over time as playing an important part in how the search engines determine their positions. Among the largest factors is almost surely the amount of one way inbound links to your website – or back links as they are called by most people. Each inbound link is efficiently scored as a vote for the site. The more links therefore the higher your search engine position and the higher the score. Simple! Well, not quite.